The increase in the world’s population, industrialization, urbanization and the advances in technology has led to a deteriotation in our natural environment, and therefore, an increase in the demand for natural food in big cities. The MISSION of Urban Food is to provide big cities with the most natural kind of food in appopriate circumstances.


Our MISSION is to become a big food company representing the whole world with our indispensable principles and future plans

As Urban Food, we work in the food sector with China, Japan, South Korea, The USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukranie, Sweeden, Norway, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, South Africa and Gana companies.


Urban Food works in cooperation with experienced and reliable companies producing the most natural food in Turkey. Due to our knowledge of the market and our long-standing contacts with our customers all around the world, we have established ourselves within this specialised market as a leading honey-trader.

With its 3000 registered and contracted beekeepers nationwide,Urban Food has capacity to control the wide range of honey throughout Turkey and procure honey at resonable prices. Despite the short harvest periods, we are in a position to offer a wide spectrum of honey qualities all year round to our customers.


Sunflower is an agricultural plant grown in large quantities in Thrace Region in Turkey. Sunflower is a well known oily plant, that when it begins to pollinate presents a very important bee pasture. Sunflower flowers give bees during favorable year abundance of nectar and pollen powder. It blooms in the beginning of July and lasts for 20 days, and in areas where there are differences in planting time it can prolong the pasture up to a month. Nectar is mostly secreted during warm days and with morning dews at a temperature of 24-30 C. Sunflower honey’s color varies from yellow to orange. It has a pleasant taste. People unjustly avoid it due to its fast crystallizing property. Consuming crystallized honey is very useful because by long-lasting melting of crystals of honey through sub-tongue glands all beneficial substances, by a shortest way possible, are introduced in the organism. Sunflower honey has a pleasant taste and smell. Specific structure of sunflower makes this honey recognizable. Sunflower honey contains enzymes, minerals, organic acids, vitamins.


Honey produced by bees from a wide variety of flowers, in which no particular species of flower predominates. Its colour and flavour can vary: from amber to darker tones, and from sweeter to more intense flavours. Slow to crystallize in small crystals. Flower honey is produced in Eastern Anatolia, Black Sea Region and Southeastern Anatolia.


Pine honey is produced by honey bees that collect honeydew (‘‘basura’’) from a scale insect species (‘‘Marchalina hellenica’’) which live on some certain pine tree species (‘‘Pinus brutia’’ and ‘‘Pinus pinea’’). Insect species form a white bundle of cotton-like wax on the front of the tree which can easily be seen by human being. Those insect species produce honeydew honey from the pine tree extracts in the summer months towards August which dangle from pine trees in lines. Honeybees carrying honey into the beehives fly in the pine forests carrying pine tree extracts around. Honeybees process these raw extracts with their secretions and carry them into their beehives which then are placed into the honeycombs by the worker bees. The pine tree is produced by the honey bees collecting the honeydew from pine tree, processing it with their own secretions, carrying into the beehives and maturing in the honeycombs by evaporating the water contained in the mixture. Pine honey is produced in the towns of Mugla-Marmaris-Aydin-Kusadasi and close surroundings of these towns. The most important characteristic of pine honey is that it can be kept for longer durations without its texture corrupts or crystallizes. Its colour is darker than the flower honey. Pine honey has a wider range of usage area in various products in medicine and food industries and it is a product with major export potential.


URBAN FOOD has taken important steps in becoming a leading honey exporter in Turkey by cooperating with Turkey’s biggest wholesalers and 3000 contracted beekepers. After undergoing various analyses, honey obtained from precious flora is supplied in package and in bulk in European Union standards. 95 % of the world’s pine honey is produced in Aegean Region, Turkey. Located in the center of pine honey production, Urban Food exports pine honey mainly to Europe, The USA and Far East. Besides flower and pine honey, Urban Food exports sunflower honey, citrus honey and cotton honey to Europe, The USA, Canada, China, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Ghana and South Africa. Supplying honey with BALAYI brand to 550 five-star hotels in Mediterranean Region which has 70% share in Turkish tourism, URBAN FOOD has taken important steps in becoming a leading actor in the sector in the long-term.

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